Security Information & Event Management (SIEM)

Claroty’s SIEM integrations equip security operations center (SOC) teams with unified IT-OT visibility, monitoring, and response capabilities—all on a single pane of glass.

Splunk and Claroty - Advanced OT-IoT Security Analytics

Claroty has partnered with Splunk to decrease the burden of yet another monitoring tool. This broad security solution spans both IT and OT environments.

RSA Netwitness Logs Implementation Guide

QRadar and Claroty Solution Provides Continuous Monitoring of OT-Networks

Without burdening security teams with another monitoring tool, Claroty and IBM have partnered to provide a solution that spans both IT and OT environments.

Claroty & SIEM: Why Integrate?

Extend your IT SOC’s existing SIEM use cases to OT

These integrations extract OT baselines, events, and alerts from Claroty CTD and populate them alongside their IT counterparts in SIEM solutions for unified IT-OT visibility.

OT events identified by Claroty CTD are the product of its five DPI engines that continuously monitor OT environments, resulting in full OT security monitoring coverage without requiring OT expertise.

Claroty CTD automatically assesses the risk of each OT event, removes false positives, and finds correlations. Interrelated events are bundled into one OT alert for efficient management within a SIEM.

Each OT alert includes an Alert Score based on its risk and a Root Cause Analysis showing its sequence of events across the cyber kill chain. This helps SOC teams optimize and expedite their response.

SIEM Partners

Claroty Integrations

What is the IT-OT cybersecurity gap?

Digitalization is transforming enterprises, connecting once-isolated OT networks to their IT counterparts. IT security teams are increasingly expected to protect these converged IT-OT networks, but since the OT portions of such networks comprise assets and protocols incompatible with IT security tools, they are largely invisible to IT security teams.

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How do Claroty integrations bridge this gap?

Claroty integrations make otherwise incompatible IT security tools suitable for OT security, enabling you to extend your existing IT security controls, capabilities, and workflows to your OT environment. The result is unified IT-OT security and visibility with a low TCO, no learning curves, no complex deployments, and no need for additional staff.

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