Secure Remote Access

Claroty Secure Remote Access (SRA) provides simple, secure, controlled access to OT environments for remote and third-party users. As a fully integrated component of The Claroty Platform, SRA is core to the industry’s first complete OT security solution to address every aspect of the incident lifecycle, including remote incident investigation and response capabilities.


Secure Remote Access: Data Sheet

Claroty Secure Remote Access (SRA) minimizes the risks remote users, including employees and 3rd party vendors, introduce to OT networks.


Security Principles of Secure Remote Access: Data Sheet

Learn why Claroty Secure Remote Access (SRA) is secure-by-design and what that means for your OT environment.


Incident Response for Remote User Activity

This use case shows how The Claroty Platform enables IT & OT personnel to respond to incidents related to unauthorized activity from OT remote users

The SRA Difference

SRA eliminates the challenges and risks of OT remote access

SRA is purpose-built for OT staff whose workflows require a simple, efficient solution:

  • OT-oriented interface
  • Scalable architecture for distributed OT environments 
  • Supports all OT remote access use cases

SRA minimizes the security risks of OT remote access by:

  • Removing direct connectivity between remote users, OT environments, and the critical assets they harbor
  • Vaulting all user credentials and preventing password-sharing
  • Supports remote investigation & response actions for OT security incidents

SRA’s granular access and user management controls include:

  • Zero Trust and Least Privilege access based on role and policy
  • Routine and emergency access approval workflows purpose-built for OT environments
  • Remote access session restrictions based on time, activity, and user

SRA offers two ways to monitor OT remote access sessions:

  • Over-the-shoulder monitoring for live troubleshooting, supervision, and emergency termination capabilities
  • Full recordings of all OT remote access sessions are stored locally to support incident response, optimize forensics investigations, and streamline audits
  • Act on contextualized alerts to monitor individual sessions from our platform in real-time or forensically, disconnect live SRA sessions, and re-initiate sessions only with admin approval

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Claroty Secure Remote Access

Claroty SRA is purpose-built for remote OT access, providing a host of capabilities that enable secure, seamless connectivity to OT environments while retaining strict control over remote sessions.

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