Collaboration Incorporates Claroty’s Industrial Cybersecurity Platform with Airbus CyberSecurity’s Security Operations Centre 4.0 Managed Security Services

MUNICH – 13 April 2021 – Claroty, the industrial cybersecurity company, today announced plans to collaborate with Airbus CyberSecurity, a business unit within Airbus Defence and Space, to strengthen the security of manufacturing environments in critical national infrastructure (CNI), government, and defence organizations. The partnership delivers strong cyber resilience by protecting customers’ critical systems from cyber threats and downtime, while also improving overall productivity with safer connections and deeper insights into their industrial assets.

Industry 4.0 is driving manufacturing environments to be more interconnected than ever before, in the pursuit of production efficiencies to save costs and increase output. As a result, previously isolated operational technology (OT) networks have become directly or indirectly connected to the internet, which increases the attack surface available to adversaries. European legislation such as the NIS Directive – which sets a range of cybersecurity requirements for operators of essential services in manufacturing, space, energy, water utilities and other sectors – as well as country- and industry-specific standards are driving organizations to implement strategies and solutions that address these new cyber risks.

Additionally, securing industrial assets is increasingly seen as a business enabler, as it allows for trusted connections and deeper analytics. To this end, Claroty and Airbus CyberSecurity’s partnership will help customers address rising security challenges and gain new insights into how security can increase manufacturing productivity even further.

“We always endeavour to develop our cyber capability to best protect our customers and working with technology partners is a key element to our success,” said Phil Jones, Head of Services at Airbus CyberSecurity. “Our goal is to continue to defend OT environments against cyberattacks and reduce breaches and downtime of critical systems. Claroty’s market-leading industrial cybersecurity platform can help us achieve our vision in this area.”

Leveraging the existing relationship between Airbus Defence and Space and Team8, a Claroty investor, the business unit Airbus CyberSecurity has developed a Security Operations Centre (SOC) 4.0 offering utilizing the Claroty Platform, which has been successfully implemented. With this managed service, industries can safely detect connected manufacturing assets, determine inherent risks and detect anomalies, which are then handled in the SOC.

Airbus CyberSecurity’s SOC services are a reference offering to protect critical infrastructure and industries in Europe and around the globe against sophisticated cyber threats. Its SOCs operate 24/7, 365 days a year, to provide constant monitoring of customer environments including IT, OT, and Internet of Things (IoT), across all industries including manufacturing, energy, and transportation. Its unparalleled SOC proficiency, stemming from 20 years of cyber experience, protects critical assets from both internal and external cyber threats, including ransomware and Advanced Persistent Threats (APT).

“Partnering with Airbus CyberSecurity allows us to deliver our market-leading platform within a full set of SOC services for manufacturers,” said Keith Carter, Vice President of Worldwide Channels & Alliances at Claroty. “The combination of Claroty technology and Airbus CyberSecurity services is what makes cybersecurity a business enabler rather than a roadblock. It is therefore essential to our customers’ ability to fully protect their industrial assets, as their manufacturing environments become increasingly interconnected and newly exposed to a wide range of cyber threats.”

The Claroty Platform reveals 100% of OT, IoT, and industrial IoT assets on enterprise networks and protects them from vulnerabilities, emerging threats, malicious insiders, and unintentional errors. Its resilient threat detection model continually monitors the network for both known and unknown threats, automatically weeds out false positives, and gives clear direction on how to take action. This is all enriched by Claroty’s extensive ecosystem of third-party technical integrations, as well as the latest threat signatures and remediation guidance from the renowned Claroty Research Team.

On Monday, 26 April 2021, Claroty and Airbus CyberSecurity will host a webinar, “Airbus CyberSecurity SOC 4.0: A hands-on Demo – Utilising Claroty CTD for protective OT security monitoring as a ServiceTop of FormBottom of Form.” Register here.

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