Natalie Katester Boimer

Natalie Katester Boimer is the Global Vice President of Human Resources at Claroty. Natalie brings more than a decade of experience in Human Resources, including strong experience in recruiting and career development. In the last few years, Natalie specialized in cybersecurity startups, working with entrepreneurs and executive teams on helping them build successful companies for scale. Before joining Claroty, Natalie worked at Sygnia Consulting Ltd as its Human Resources Manager until the company was acquired. Prior to that, Natalie was Team8 Labs Ltd Human Resources & Recruitment Manager and managed the recruiting for all Team8's portfolio companies. Natalie also served in recruiting leadership roles at a software house, where she headed the company's recruitment department.Natalie holds a BA in Behavioral Science and Human Resources, and an MBA specializing in Human Resources, both from the College of Management Academic Studies.