Consumer Products and Claroty

Leading organizations in the consumer goods and food & beverage industries trust Claroty to enhance the availability, integrity, and safety of their industrial networks.


Food & Beverage: Case Study

This case study shares how a global food & beverage producer, which was proud of how digital transformation initiatives were increasing production efficiency, worked with Claroty to multiply those benefits through enhanced industrial cybersecurity.


Consumer Goods: Case Study

This case study shares how the well-known consumer goods arm of a global conglomerate used The Claroty Platform to rapidly visualize, manage, and protect its large and dispersed manufacturing operations comprising a dizzying array of previously unknown industrial assets.


Simplifying OT Security for Consumer Goods Companies


What Food and Beverage Companies Need to Know about OT Security

Challenge: Asset Identification & Management

Consumer goods companies often have complex, geographically dispersed operational facilities comprising devices and systems from multiple vendors. Such conditions can make identifying and managing all assets in these industrial networks exceedingly challenging. Claroty CTD helps consumer goods companies tackle these challenges.

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Challenge: Cybersecurity Monitoring & Threat Detection

Full security monitoring coverage is essential to preserving the availability, integrity, and safety of consumer goods operations. Claroty CTD ensures no security or integrity event or indicator goes unnoticed—including ones related to the adversary tactics and techniques detailed in the MITRE ATT&CK for ICS framework.

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Challenge: OT Remote Access

Considerable reliance on vendors to service industrial assets, as well as widely distributed operations, means consumer goods companies must provide frequent remote access to their industrial networks. Since OT remote access is a high-risk attack vector, this causes ample security and safety risks. Claroty SRA minimizes these risks.

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Challenge: Fundamental Industrial Cybersecurity Controls

Effective industrial cybersecurity in the consumer products and food & beverage industries is about implementing controls that reduce risks to industrial availability, integrity, and safety. The Claroty Platform provides all five categories of controls recommended by the NIST Cybersecurity Framework: Identify, Protect, Detect, Respond, Recover.

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Consumer Products Company Secures Industrial Networks

This case study details how a consumer products manufacturer worked with Claroty to secure its entire OT environment, from its security operations center to its factory floor.

Food & Beverage Company Secures Digital Transformation

This case study examines how a global food & beverage conglomerate scaled its production operations, gained real-time OT, IoT, and IIoT visibility and enhanced its industrial cybersecurity with Claroty.

What Consumer Goods Customers are Saying

“Our production sites manufacture a wide range of products, and our ICS network has been developed over a period of many years. Our biggest challenge was integrating this diverse group of endpoints into a unified view. Until we found Claroty, we simply didn’t have that capability.”

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