Colin Blou

Colin Blou is the Senior Vice President of Sales at Claroty. Prior to joining the company, he was the Vice President of Sales at Waterfall Security Solutions. At Waterfall, Colin led the North American and European sales teams focused on penetrating the critical infrastructure sectors, with noted successes in the electric utility sector and the oil and gas industry. He was a valued member of the team that authored Waterfall’s responses to NIST Special Publication 800.53: “Security Controls for Federal Information Systems and Organizations,” and NIST Special Publication 800.82: “Guide to Industrial Control Systems (ICS) Security.” Before Waterfall, Colin was the Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Skuku. Previously, he held sales executive positions at FTS - Formula Telecom Solutions and Deltathree, Inc. Colin holds a BCom in Accounting and Finance from WITS University in Johannesburg, and an MA in Political Science from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.