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The Industry’s First Zero-Infrastructure Industrial Cybersecurity Solution


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Reveal: Gaining Visibility into Your Industrial Environment

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Claroty Edge’s patent-pending technology delivers 100% visibility into industrial networks in just minutes without requiring network changes, configuration, or hardware

Full visibility is the foundation of effective industrial cybersecurity. This means having a complete inventory of all OT, IoT, and IT managed and unmanaged assets across all sites comprising your industrial environment.

Claroty Edge enables you to attain this caliber of visibility nearly instantaneously and with unmatched ease and precision, minimal resources, and zero impact on the network. The result is the strong foundation you need for effective industrial cybersecurity and a broad range of related use cases — from easily supporting audit requests, to conducting M&A due diligence on target third-party networks, to optimizing incident response efforts, among many others.

Preserving the safety, availability, and integrity of industrial operations is about managing the risks and vulnerabilities within them. This requires knowing which assets are managed versus unmanaged, how vulnerable they are, and how to prioritize those vulnerabilities based on risk.

Claroty Edge empowers you to better manage these unknowns by providing near-instantaneous insight into the full spectrum of vulnerabilities and risks affecting your industrial assets. This means uncovering which assets are unprotected, missing critical patches, and presenting end-of-life indicators, arming you to determine how and when to implement mitigations and compensating controls.

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Claroty Edge


See how Claroty Edge provides near-instant visibility without requiring network changes, configuration, or hardware.

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Inside Claroty Edge

Claroty Edges can be deployed on-premises or via The Claroty Cloud and utilizes your existing endpoints to uncover surrounding asset details such as hosts, project files, and subnets