By The Claroty Team | October 27, 2021

Over the past year and a half, digital transformation has accelerated considerably amid the ongoing pandemic. Companies in the industrial economy are automating and optimizing their traditional manufacturing processes and connecting to more OT, IT, IoT, and IIoT devices to be more competitive and increase productivity. However, this increased connectivity introduces very real risk to industrial environments – just look at the unprecedented increase in ransomware and other destructive attacks targeting critical infrastructure companies during this same time frame.

Hyperconnectivity is good for business, but it needs to be done securely. Within the OT environment, that means using an approach and tools that prioritize safety, integrity, and uptime. The Claroty Platform was designed exactly for this challenge and is trusted by the world’s largest enterprises to reveal, protect, and manage their industrial assets.

Our approach to industrial cybersecurity starts with visibility. Utilizing the industry’s largest library of proprietary protocols, our advanced research team provides visibility into your network’s contents, revealing and contextualizing anything that was previously invisible or poorly understood. We arm you with a centralized and always current inventory of all OT, IT, IoT, and IIoT assets, processes, and connectivity paths into the OT environment as well as with an understanding of what normal looks like.

For example, in one test site, a global pharmaceutical company was aware of 65 assets, but the Claroty Platform identified 95. As another example, a global food and beverage company uses the Claroty Platform to monitor changes in controller operation at remote facilities. Deviations trigger alerts to the security operations center (SOC), which escalates these alerts for investigation and response in order to protect critical assets and processes.

Tackling inherent risk with asset identification

With asset identification, we then help you tackle inherent critical risk factors, from vulnerabilities and misconfigurations to poor security hygiene and untrustworthy remote-access mechanisms. Leveraging a deep understanding of protocols, Claroty’s Team82 researchers help you stay current so you can deploy protection controls or take other actions to mitigate and manage the risk as new security gaps and risks emerge. For example, you can arm your personnel and third-party vendors with secure remote access, optimize your network’s segmentation based on actual asset communications, and enable ongoing risk and vulnerability management for all sites across your entire industrial environment.

A national electric generation and transmission company utilizes a large number of unmanned power generation units at its power plants. The company also relies on multiple vendors to maintain and service their heat recovery generations systems (HRGS). Remote access to each plant’s OT environment is frequent among both plant staff and third parties. The Claroty Platform delivers secure remote access to safeguard OT networks from threats introduced via unmanaged and unmonitored access by remote users that could compromise safety and integrity.

The importance of proactive monitoring

No matter how strong the protective controls or processes you implement, the truth is that you can’t patch every vulnerability quickly enough to eliminate risk completely. As such, being able to proactively monitor for indicators of threat actors attempting to exploit your environment is imperative. But how do you get those indicators? The fastest and most seamless way is through Team82, which has discovered 229 publicly disclosed ICS vulnerabilities to date, understands how these vulnerabilities are exploited, and continuously searches for new vulnerabilities. The expertise of Team82 researchers has been leveraged to strengthen Claroty’s Continuous Threat Detection (CTD) with features such as the ability to automatically weed out false positives and provide signatures to respond to threats. When threats do surface, you are equipped with the latest protections and controls to manage and mitigate risk from known threats, as well as unknown, emerging threats.

A global automotive manufacturer is using the unified view Claroty provides of all devices in its ecosystem—including legacy devices—combined with real-time threat detection to be proactive about protection against a much wider range of threats. Precise and automated alerts are necessary to allow staff to respond quickly and keep the plant operational, thus maximizing uptime.

Protecting your OT network with The Claroty Platform

The Claroty Platform is an agentless solution that provides the asset visibility and other capabilities needed to identify vulnerabilities and suspicious behavior, continuously monitor for threats, detect and track potentially malicious activity crossing the IT/OT boundary, and secure remote access to your network with strict controls over sessions—all in a single solution. You can start mitigating risk in weeks, not months, and assure continued operations of critical processes.

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