October 18, 2021

Claroty continues its commitment to delivering educational webinars on topics including the latest industrial cybersecurity trends, challenges, and strategies to help you minimize the risks threats pose to your environment. Presented live during the past quarter, all these webinars offer valuable insights and are still available for on-demand replay.

This viewer’s guide provides brief recaps for Claroty webinars from Q3 2021, so you can scan for areas of interest and get up to speed quickly. Click on the links that capture your attention and enjoy!

  • Increase Resiliency of Your OT Environment from a Ransomware Attack

    To stay ahead of attacks, many companies focus their cybersecurity efforts on IT, forgetting the importance of resiliency of their OT environment. But if your IT environment is suddenly compromised by an attack, could you sever connections to your OT environment and still operate? If you’re not successful and OT is impacted, could you recover? This session, moderated by ISE® Talent with experts from Rockwell Automation and Claroty, covers approaches organizations are taking to reduce ransomware risks to OT environments such as access control via network segmentation and endpoint protection, and disaster recovery with backup processes.

  • Ransomware: Preparation and Response for Critical Infrastructure

    The escalation of attacks against industrial targets is driving security and risk decision-makers to strengthen operational resiliency and accelerate detection and response when attacks happen. In this session, panelists from Claroty, Booz Allen Hamilton, and Pfizer provide guidance on preparing for, responding to, and remediating attacks, as well as tips for building a comprehensive OT/IoT/IIoT device inventory that serves as a springboard for detection and response. Get an inside look at the risks posed by these unmanned devices and how to mitigate them.

  • Inside the ICS Vulnerability Landscape: Finding and Fixing Bugs

    In the wake of attacks, such as those against the Oldsmar, Fla. Water treatment facility and Colonial Pipeline, the state of resilience among industrial enterprises has been exposed and industrial cybersecurity has become a priority. In this session, Chen Fradkin, Claroty Team82 researcher and author of the latest Biannual ICS Risk & Vulnerability Report: 1H 2021, shares key findings and covers a range of topics behind the numbers. Learn about trends in vulnerabilities, attack vectors, and affected products, as well as mitigation and remediation strategies and what to expect through the rest of 2021 and into 2022.

  • Working Together for Cybersecurity Protection of Critical Infrastructure

    The Australian Government wants to extend a regulatory cybersecurity framework across 11 critical sectors and their attendant systems. Australia’s Cyber Security Industry Advisory Committee strongly supports investing more money and resources to protect against serious security threats. In this session, experts from the Australian Government Department of Home Affairs and Claroty, including Admiral (Ret.) Michael S. Rogers, Claroty Chairman – Board of Advisors, discuss the functional requirements needed for government and private operators to work together, attack trends on critical infrastructure, OT/IT convergence, and insights from critical infrastructure operators in protecting their systems.

  • Fearlessly Implement Cybersecurity at the Edge

    Edge computing is one of the fastest growing areas in the industrial sector, driven by Industry 4.0 and the opportunities to gain insight from assets on the edge. But with this rise in connectivity comes increased cybersecurity risk. In this session, security experts from Claroty, Stratus, and Velta Technology discuss how OT and IT teams must work together to implement best practices and strategies that extend their security posture in these new environments. Learn how to gauge vulnerabilities and risk at the edge, strategies to drive process integrity for critical equipment and data in OT, IoT and IIoT, as well as how to protect data transmission from edge to enterprise.

  • OT-ISAC Exclusive Dialogue: Cyberattack Implications on OT Networks

    Many of the critical functions that underpin our way of life are provided by individual companies. Protecting them from ransomware requires an ecosystem of stakeholders that includes public and private sector entities, working together to address ransomware across its entire lifecycle. In this session, panelists from OT-ISAC, the Cyber Security Agency of Singapore, and Claroty, including Admiral (Ret.) Michael S. Rogers, Chairman of Claroty’s. Board of Advisors, discuss trends in ransomware and other attacks that impact OT networks, the need for public/private sector collaboration, and how to apply zero-trust models to mitigate risk. Learn how to build resilience and the top technologies that will shape critical infrastructure security.

We hope you find this viewer’s guide a useful resource to help you navigate our selection of topics and catch up on important updates and information you may have missed the first time around. Thanks for watching!