July 27, 2021

Claroty is continuing its strong webinar presence with topics on the latest industrial cybersecurity trends, challenges, and strategies to help you minimize the risks threats pose to your environment. All these webinars offer valuable insights and are still available for on-demand replay.

This viewer’s guide provides brief recaps for Claroty webinars from Q2 2021, so you can scan for areas of interest and get up to speed quickly. Click on the links that capture your attention, and enjoy!

  • The Tools and Know-how of Securing Critical Infrastructure in Water Utilities (with Rockwell Automation)

    The second in a two-part webinar series, watch this session to understand how to reduce risks from hackers, threat actors, and viruses specific to the water/wastewater industry. Through a demo of best-in-class cybersecurity tools, you’ll learn how to view vulnerabilities in existing environments, detect abnormal behaviors and threats, securely provide third parties with the right access to your processes, and take actionable steps toward understanding and documenting the security posture of your infrastructure. See how to maintain high quality services in the face of threats that can cause downtime and service quality issues. For those who missed part one, you can watch it here.

  • How is Your IT/OT Convergence? (with Kudelski Security and Fortinet)

    Following the attack on Colonial Pipeline, CISA and the FBI issued an alert urging critical asset owners and operators to adopt a heightened state of awareness and implement various controls in the face of ransomware attacks, including robust network segmentation between IT and OT networks. In this session, hear from a panel of OT security experts as they explain the network segmentation journey many operators currently face, and offer tips to better identify devices within networks and ensure more effective protection from ransomware.

  • Airbus CyberSecurity SOC 4.0: A hands-on Demo – Utilizing Claroty CTD for protective OT security monitoring as a Service

    Airbus CyberSecurity and Claroty have teamed up to strengthen the security of manufacturing environments in critical national infrastructure (CNI), government, and defense organizations. Watch this session to learn how the collaboration incorporates Airbus CyberSecurity’s Security Operations Center 4.0 Managed Security Services with Claroty’s CTD. See a demo of how to detect and respond to a real-life attack scenario.

  • The Implications of Ransomware on OT

    The Colonial Pipeline ransomware attack elevated industrial cybersecurity to the mainstream when the U.S. experienced its first major shutdown of critical infrastructure due to a cyberattack in the nation’s history. Watch this session with Claroty experts, including Admiral (Ret.) Michael S. Rogers, Claroty Chairman, Board of Advisors, and gain insights, advice, and next steps for IT and OT teams. Learn what motivates cybercrime groups and why critical infrastructure can be swept up in targeted and opportunistic attacks. Come away with basic security practices that can lessen the impact of a ransomware attack, as well as important topics to continue to follow in the coming months.

  • Five Essential Steps for a Converged IT/OT SOC

    As organizations strategize around the integration of IT and OT systems and networks, a converged SOC is becoming the focal point for visibility and incident response in both environments. Claroty and SANS experts join forces to explore the growing trend of an integrated IT/OT SOC and how to build and maintain one in order to ensure the availability, reliability, and safety of industrial processes. Watch this webinar to learn the five essential steps that have proven instrumental in optimizing the efficacy, efficiency, and implementation time of a converged SOC. Get tips on how to gain executive buy-in and an outline of the performance and total cost of ownership advantages of a converged SOC.

  • Encompass Partner Genius Webinar with Claroty: A Research Journey into CIP Security

    Research into the CIP attack surface is the key to understanding what vulnerabilities an attacker would exploit to gain access to an industrial network and disrupt or modify processes. Watch this webinar to understand the value of CIP Security research to identify and address risks at the protocol level. Learn how CIP Security protects against threats and risks to industrial networks and how to migrate to and leverage solutions from Claroty and Rockwell to improve your OT security.

  • Extreme Visibility in Securing Critical Infrastructure

    In this session, OT experts from within the Energy industry, OT-ISAC, and Claroty come together to address the question: “Why is protecting critical infrastructure still an uphill battle?” Watch this webinar to understand the key components to enhance operational resilience, how to build effective workforce programs to protect critical assets, and the role of information sharing to improve defenses of OT environments.

  • Bringing Process Integrity to the Manufacturing Plant Floor (with Velta Technology)

    Cyber and digital safety risks in your supply chain and on the manufacturing plant floor are real. In this session you’ll learn how to introduce digital safety to ensure you’re aware of previously hidden vulnerabilities. Topics discussed include commonly overlooked vulnerabilities, how your supply chain and third-party suppliers may be putting you at risk, how to protect your plant floor while ensuring process integrity, and leveraging lean security for lean manufacturing.

  • The Race to Native Code Execution in PLCs

    Programmable logic controllers (PLCs) are a valuable target for attackers. In May, Claroty disclosed a critical memory-protection bypass vulnerability affecting Siemens S7-1200 and S7-1500 PLCs that, when exploited, could allow attackers to bypass the Siemens PLC sandbox, run code in protected areas of memory, and establish persistence on a device that would be difficult to detect and remove. Watch this webinar to learn about this discovery as well as previous work on PLC vulnerabilities and exploits, how the companies coordinated disclosure resulted in an update addressing the issues, and why coordinated disclosure is a must for vendors and researchers.

  • Claroty Edge: Visibility without Compromise

    Claroty continues to evolve its capabilities around delivering full visibility into industrial environments with the introduction of Claroty Edge in June 2021. Claroty Edge is the first OT visibility tool that does not require network changes, nor does it utilize sensors, or require a physical footprint on the network. Watch this webinar to learn the instant value of a zero-infrastructure OT security solution that doesn’t burden your network with performance impacts, nor staff with a steep learning curve. See how you can gain a complete inventory of managed and unmanaged OT, IoT, and IIoT assets, while identifying and managing the vulnerability risk affecting those assets. Whether you’re just getting started with industrial security or want to see and secure devices at additional locations, Claroty Edge is a faster and easier way to meet your objectives.

We hope you find this viewer’s guide a useful resource to help you navigate our selection of topics and catch up on important updates and information you may have missed the first time around. Thanks for watching!