By The Claroty Team | April 19, 2021

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Claroty stepped up its webinar presence with topics on the latest industrial cybersecurity trends, challenges, and strategies to help you minimize the risks threats pose to your environment. All these webinars offer valuable insights and are still available for on-demand replay.

This viewer’s guide provides brief recaps for Claroty webinars from Q1 2021, so you can scan for areas of interest and get up to speed quickly. Click on the links that capture your attention, and enjoy!

  • Bridging IT and OT Security with Claroty and Palo Alto Networks

    You can’t protect what you can’t see. That being said, gaining full visibility into the OT networks that keep your industrial enterprise and critical infrastructure available, reliable, and running safely is difficult to attain. A prevalence of proprietary protocols, legacy systems, and unfamiliar OT assets often gets in the way. Watch this session to gain actionable tips for how to use Claroty and Palo Alto Networks solutions together to secure your OT infrastructure – from gaining deep visibility and understanding of OT protocols, to enforcing OT/IT micro-segmentation, and leveraging playbooks to automate and orchestrate remediation.

  • OT Cybersecurity: The Challenges of Remote Working

    COVID-19 has led to an increase in remote working, and many industrial plants are using unsafe and unsupervised connections that adversaries are exploiting to launch attacks. Hear how Claroty and Rockwell are helping IT and OT teams collaborate to understand and mitigate risk to make work more efficient and resilient and ensure system availability and confidentiality. Watch this session to see what’s possible with visibility and end-to-end monitoring of remote user activity across industrial networks, and fundamental controls that are just a click away.

  • Oldsmar Water Attack Teaches Us About Secure Remote Access

    If your staff is relying on remote-desktop sharing applications for remote connectivity, they may be unwittingly exposing your critical infrastructure to risk. Although frequently preferred for usability and cost, these insecure connections can have devastating public safety implications when compromised. Watch this session to better understand how attackers exploit their shortcomings and get valuable mitigation strategies and other recommendations to keep your critical infrastructure secure.

  • Examining the ICS Risk & Vulnerability Landscape: 2H 2020

    Watch this session to get an insider’s take on the number and severity of industrial cybersecurity vulnerabilities and the trends they point to. Hear from Claroty researchers who work hard to get critical bugs fixed in a timely fashion. Put yourself in the shoes of an attacker to learn where they are investing their time and resources to target industrial networks, including ICS devices and processes, SCADA equipment, OT network protocols, as well as supply chains. Alarmingly, 72% of vulnerabilities disclosed during the second half of 2020 were remotely exploitable! Armed with insights about the risks you may be facing, you’ll be empowered to shore-up your defenses.

  • Understanding and Reducing Risk to Water and Wastewater Utilities

    Claroty’s ICS Risk & Vulnerability Report: 2H 2020 finds that the number of water and wastewater vulnerabilities increased 54% year-over-year. Watch this session to hear from a panel of IT and governance experts on the front lines, about the top challenges to water utilities and how to best reduce risk. Rockwell and Claroty follow-up with a discussion of how their combined offerings deliver a scalable, managed solution that secures connected enterprises and critical infrastructure organizations, including water utilities.

  • Exploring the OPC Attack Surface

    The Open Platform Communications (OPC) network protocol stack was introduced more than 25 years ago to provide vendors of OT devices with a standard way to exchange information about industrial processes. A lot has changed since then. In this session, hear from one of the authors of Claroty’s new research paper, on the implementation and security challenges for OPC’s various specifications, critical security vulnerabilities in three vendor implementations and how to obtain patch and mitigation information, as well as key considerations as OPC continues to evolve to support cloud and IoT connectivity.

  • Industrial IT and Cybersecurity Strategies for Digital Transformation from Grantek and Claroty

    Imagine a world where your entire supply chain and manufacturing operations are running automatically and adjusting in real-time, with your teams focused on tuning. That’s the vision of Industry 4.0, and smart-enabled factories are fast-approaching. In this session, learn why starting with secure connectivity is a smart long-term play that will deliver dividends in the form of competitive advantage and accelerated growth. Gain insights into the security risks and vulnerabilities you may encounter along your digital transformation journey as well as strategies for mitigation. Get tips to justify industrial IT infrastructure costs and ensure progress with projects across multiple facilities. This is a must-watch for any manufacturer.

  • How Electric Utilities Providers are Powering Up OT Security

    Electric utilities often operate geographically dispersed sites and rely on a complex web of devices and systems from multiple vendors to provide redundancies to withstand failures. One type of failure comes from cyberattacks which energy companies must combat daily. In fact, studies find the energy sector experienced the largest increase in breaches between 2019 and 2020 of all sectors surveyed. Learn how to protect these increasingly connected environments and gain visibility into OT assets to detect attacks and close exploitable vulnerabilities. Watch this session for a deeper understanding of how to address the challenges presented by remote access, which has ramped up since COVID-19 and will remain a critical tool for the foreseeable future.

We hope you find this viewer’s guide a useful resource to help you navigate our selection of topics and catch up on important updates and information you may have missed the first time around. Thanks for watching!