By The Claroty Team | Feb. 24, 2021

2020 was a year that saw many companies undergo dramatic digitization of industrial technology. In addition to enabling remote work amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, this shift enabled enterprises to unlock tremendous business value in areas including operational efficiency, performance, and quality of service. However, this acceleration also has also introduced cyber risk to operational technology (OT) assets and networks which have few—if any—modern security controls in place. Industrial networks are often a black box for security teams; they simply don’t have the telemetry to see and monitor these complex environments, much less the capabilities to protect them from inherent risk, detect threats, and respond to security incidents. As more legacy OT assets become internet-facing, more IoT devices are connected to industrial environments, and more users require remote access, the security gap widens, and the door for attackers opens further.

At Claroty, we view this lack of security controls as an opportunity to start with a clean slate. We help our customers establish a robust industrial cybersecurity program from scratch—or, alternatively, expand the scope of an existing IT security program. In doing so, Claroty enables these companies to adopt a comprehensive approach to industrial cybersecurity that is efficient, effective, and frankly, just makes sense. Here’s how:

We tackle the visibility challenge.

You can’t protect what you can’t see, so effective industrial cybersecurity must start with knowing what needs to be secured. Utilizing the industry’s largest library of proprietary protocols, our advanced research team provides visibility into your network’s contents, revealing and contextualizing anything that was previously invisible or poorly understood. We arm you with a centralized and always current inventory of all OT, IT, and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) assets, processes, and connectivity paths into the OT environment as well as with an understanding of what normal looks like.

Visibility serves as the springboard to comprehensive security, starting with protection.

With asset identification, now you can tackle inherent critical risk factors, from vulnerabilities and misconfigurations, to poor security hygiene, and untrustworthy remote access mechanisms. Asset identification and vulnerability management aren’t one-time activities but continuous processes to understand new gaps and risks as they emerge. Leveraging a deep understanding of protocols, our research team helps you stay current so you can deploy protection controls or take other actions to mitigate and manage the risk. For example, The Claroty Platform delivers secure remote access for your personnel and third-party vendors, optimizes your network’s segmentation based on actual asset communications, and enables ongoing risk and vulnerability management for all sites across your entire industrial environment.

We translate our deep understanding of risk to enable detection and response.

The harsh reality is that no matter the protective controls or processes you implement, you can’t patch every vulnerability quickly enough and eliminate risk completely. So, being able to proactively monitor for indicators of threat actors attempting to exploit your environment is imperative. But how do you get those indicators? The seamless and fast way is through our research team that discovered the vulnerabilities, understands how they are exploited, and continues to monitor proactively for new vulnerabilities. Their expertise drives the continuous threat detection capabilities in The Claroty Platform which automatically weeds out false positives and provides signatures to respond to threats. When threats do surface, you are equipped with the latest protections and controls to manage and mitigate risk from both known and unknown, emerging threats.

Our platform approach provides simplicity.

Because we start with a clean slate, there is no need to recreate the complexity of the IT security stack with 15+ security tools and engage in time-consuming physical segmentation projects. Applying the same IT security playbook in your OT environment takes too long and often isn’t effective or necessary. Jumpstarting the process of closing the IT/OT security gap, The Claroty Platform is an agentless solution that provides asset visibility to identify vulnerabilities and suspicious behavior, continuous threat monitoring to detect and track threats that cross the IT/OT boundary, and secure remote access solutions with strict controls over sessions—all in a single solution. You can start mitigating risk in weeks, not months, and assure continued operations of critical processes.

Simplicity drives lower total cost of ownership (TCO).

Limiting the need to integrate to multiple disparate products, partner with more consultants, and deploy more resources to manage and maintain solutions each with their own interfaces, makes it possible to strengthen security and reduce costs. What’s more, when you can connect OT security to IT systems and workflows, you can look at governance and processes holistically which provides additional opportunity to lower TCO. Many organizations start down the path of creating a separate OT governance process and Security Operations Center (SOC) which introduces risk and delays. However, common best practice is to centralize responsibility and accountability for securing the OT environment with the CISO. By extending existing IT risk management and governance processes to include OT networks so that IT and OT teams can work together, you avoid duplicating processes and efforts and save valuable resources. The Claroty Platform’s enterprise management console and integrations ecosystem enables seamlessly connectivity of the industrial cybersecurity program to the IT security program empowering CISOs to execute an enterprise-wide risk management strategy more efficiently and effectively.

Digital transformation is here to stay and is good for business. But to move forward with confidence, you need a way to bridge the IT/OT security gap efficiently and effectively. The Claroty Platform provides that path forward. Enabled by our research team whose support extends across and advances all the core capabilities that define OT security—reveal, protect, detect, and connect—The Claroty Platform helps to close the gap comprehensively, simply and cost effectively.

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