July 22, 2020

Complexity touches consumer goods companies at every point in their supply chain, from portfolio development to procurement, manufacturing, packaging, sales, and marketing. For instance, in grocery stores alone, new product launches nearly doubled from about 20,000 in 1996 to 39,000 two decades later. Manufacturers must quickly adapt to shifts in supply, demand, and delivery channels to address consumers’ changing tastes, expectations, and needs. Companies that successfully manage complexity can increase net sales by 1 to 4% and boost margins by up to 8%.

One Claroty customer—the consumer goods arm of a global conglomerate—is all too familiar with complexity, manufacturing everything from dishwashers to jigsaws, espresso machines to hedge trimmers. With factories all over the world—some operating for decades, some relatively new, others inherited through acquisition—they faced a patchwork of Operational Technology (OT) assets, many managed remotely by third-party contractors, and a complex OT security posture. With limited visibility across their OT environments, by the time they detected an operational disruption, they could already feel the impact on production.

They soon learned that they didn’t have to live with complexity to secure their OT environment. Instead of trying to rely on IT-centric security tools that were not compatible with and were never intended to secure OT environments, they could take a simpler and more effective approach. The Claroty Platform leverages the fact that OT network traffic provides all the security information needed to monitor for threats, to deliver a simpler and more effective approach to OT security. With The Claroty Platform—including Continuous Threat Detection (CTD), Secure Remote Access (SRA), and the Enterprise Management Platform—this consumer goods company achieved comprehensive OT asset visibility, from their global security operations center (SOC) to their regional SOCS, and all the way down to the factory floor level.

Download Claroty’s consumer goods-sector case study to learn why this customer said, “Until we found Claroty, we simply didn’t have that capability. They got up and running almost immediately and gave us an unprecedented amount of information and security capabilities across our entire OT network. No other provider we evaluated could approach this level of functionality for us.”

During the current global crisis, we’ve all gained a greater appreciation for operational uptime and availability across many industries, especially consumer goods. The impact of additional disruptions in the form of security threats will only be magnified as resources are already stretched to their limits.

To see for yourself how Claroty can help your organization address its own unique OT security challenges without impacting availability, request a demo today.